Our Programs

We offer tutoring in private and small group communities of 3 – 5 students. Enrichment classes such as ART or STORY of the UNIVERSE sessions are offered privately or in small group communities of 4 – 10 students.  We foster a nurturing, non-competitive learning atmosphere where students feel comfortable, supported and inspired to expand their knowledge and explore their fullest personal potentials.


We offer both private and small group tutoring for 3 – 5 students.

Private Tutoring sessions are tailored to your child’s specific needs and learning styles. Often it is best to begin with private sessions in order to build a child’s confidence and address individual needs in a given subject area. Children may then benefit from joining a small group class to continue building fundamental skills and knowledge. Other students may be best suited to continue on with private sessions and will benefit greatly from a quiet, one-one learning experience.

Group Tutoring sessions are for students who enjoy learning in a small, supportive, group community of 3 – 5 students in a given subject area such as Math or Language.

Montessori Learning MarkhamENRICHMENT

Our Enrichment classes (10 sessions each) are designed to enhance a student’s homeschool or mainstream learning experience in geography, history and sciences. Our specialty classes such as the Story of the Universe are fun, hands-on sessions that entice the learner’s spirit along a path of wonder, appreciation and exploration. Enrichment classes broaden a child’s knowledge base and understanding of all subjects while fostering a love of learning, life and the joyful pursuit of knowledge.

Private or small, non-competitive group community classes of 3 – 10 students.


“Let us give the child a vision of the whole Universe…for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity”. Dr. Maria Montessori, MD., Ph.D.

An exciting journey for young imaginations into deep time history through the Montessori lens of generosity, creativity and appreciation. Children explore the origins of the Universe some 13.8 billion years ago and the gifts from the first generation of Stars that provided the ingredients for the formation of our Solar System and Earth. An exploration of the formation of the Earth and its early volcanic activity is followed by a look at the mysterious arrival of water and the cooling rains that gave rise to ancient seas and the first forms of life.

Where did the oceans come from? Does water exist anywhere else in the Universe? What is gravity? What would it be like on Earth if our planet did not spin or dance around the Sun? 

Through experiments and hands-on activities, students explore the movement of the Earth, formation of the continents and oceans and the life sustaining relationship between the Earth & Sun all within the greatest context of all – the Universe. Students realize interconnection on a colossal scale discovering it is impossible to tell the story of a stone in the palm of the hand or anything at all, without telling the story of the whole Cosmos.



Discover life across the eras from the earliest single-celled life forms in the Paleozoic seas to the emergence of the vertebrates: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals with Montessori’s breathtaking Time Line of Life.

What did the first plants on land look like? How was soil formed? Why did life emerge from the sea onto the land? What did the first forests look like? Who were the first pollinators? Where did our deposits of coal and iron come from? 

These and many more adventures in thought are explored through the lens of Montessori’s centralizing theme for this work: realizing the delicate balance of Earth’s web of life and the essential contribution or ‘cosmic task’ made by each life form to the greater whole which leads children to the ultimate question:

            What contribution can I make to the grand and beautiful panorama of life on Earth?